In Pakistan, approximately more than 5 million drug addicts are destroying their lives. They also have adversely affected the whole society and the numbers of drug addicts are increasing day by day. Our family environment, communities, educational institutes and workplaces are not productive and quite safe as they must have been. Business sector is facing less productivity,poorwork and absenteeism as well.

Usually, an addict spends 150 rupees per day on drugs. Though there are 5 million addicts in Pakistan that means 5 million drug addicts are spending 750 million rupees in one day, 22,500 million rupees in a month and 270 billion rupees in a year. These are the direct expenses. There is no data available on the losses borne by our economy due to absenteeism, wastage of time, low productivity and accidents of drug abuser at workplaces
Therefore,   there is a strong need to launch a grand program to eliminate the silent killer of whole nation

Aims & Objectives:

  • Promoting mosque based drug abuse prevention program by utilizing mosques as educational institutes
  • Making workplaces free from all kinds of drug by focusing workplace issues and helping people working there
  • Preventing school children from drug abuse problems by addressing their problems  and teaching them tips to stay away from drugs
  • Making aware the whole society of hazardous of drug abuse problems  via electronic media/print media/workshops/seminars/artwork
  • Providing counselling services regarding personal problems